Wicklow Kennels & Cattery

Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels
only 30 minutes from South Dublin
just off the N11
Tel: 087 1375155

Wicklow Kennels & Cattery

Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels only 30 minutes from South Dublin just off the N11 near The Tap Pub, Kilbride. Tel: 087 1375155

The warmest of welcomes awaits you and your pet at Wicklow Kennels and Cattery.

2017 - Due to huge demand for our boarding services we must limit the number of new clients in 2017.

Great photos of your pet will be posted on our busy Facebook page every 2-3 days. 

Recommended by Vets - Four Wicklow based vets have been boarding their dogs with us since we opened in 2009 

Our pet boarding facility was purpose built with the knowledge that dogs and cats do not like to be caged in small kennels for long periods AND that access to outdoors and plenty of exercise relaxes dogs and cats - making for a stress free boarding experience. 

Each dog staying with us has their own indoor fully tiled, heated cabin with its own large covered outdoor run.  Likewise, each cat has their own heated, fully tiled indoor chalet with its own outdoor space, with branches and ladders for climbing.  We have two different sizes of cat pens.

Our dog boarding is run on a supervised 'free play' model.  During the morning dogs are allowed to mix and play together under supervision only.  Dogs mix with other dogs their own size and with similar exercise requirements.  The small dogs have their own lawn while big dogs have a separate large play area covered in synthetic grass.  Old or nervous dogs are kept in quieter areas and spend their excercise time pottering around with us while they settle in.

We do not accept:
• Any unneutered male dogs over the age of 8 months
• Any dogs on the restricted dog breeds list
• Any dogs or cats that have serious health problems including incontinence
• Any dog that, after a trial stay, we believe is not suited to the social free play model we use, are persistent barkers or overly destructive

A summer evening at Wicklow Kennels and Cattery, dogs out mixing together in our pool under supervision - much of our main play area has artificial grass under foot

Our Cattery is separate to the dog boarding area. We have two options for cats; our Original Cattery which has 10 kennels/pens each with their own indoor and outdoor area, and our new extra large cabins with gardens.  Lots of recent photos on our photos page and on our facebook page.  Clients use a different entrance while bringing their cat to the cattery. Although the cats may be able to hear the dogs barking in the distance at certain times during the day for a minute or two (dinner time and when they first start running around).

We advise anyone looking for a Boarding Kennels or Cattery to research it carefully and visit as many as possible to find the one that will best suit your pets.  With all new canine visitors we advise you bring your dog for a trial period of 1 - 2 days before making a booking for a longer stay.  This will allow both you and us to see if your dog is suited to our kennels.

All dogs and cats staying with us must be fully vaccinated.

Please browse our Testimonials page to see what our past guests' owners have had to say

Owner:  Ms Karen Tiernan BA BCL



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