Wicklow Kennels & Cattery

Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels
only 30 minutes from South Dublin
just off the N11
Tel: 087 1375155

Wicklow Kennels & Cattery

Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels only 30 minutes from South Dublin just off the N11 near The Tap Pub, Kilbride. Tel: 087 1375155


Newly built in 2013 we now have four exclusive heated cabins available for boarding your magnificent moggies. These cabins are situated right beside our home so like our original cattery, cats are always close to the daily activities. 

The cattery has a separate entrance so that your cat will not see any of our dog guests when arriving. The kennels are at the other end of our property so cats may hear the dogs barking in the distance for a minute or two first thing in the morning but they will never see them.

Each of the four cabins has been carefully painted and decorated to give our guests all the comforts of home.  Each has two or three windows with window seats.  All windows have curtains.   Paintings and art add to the colourful rooms.  We supply lots of toys too.  There are approx 5-6 differnet sleeping areas in each cabin so your cat or cats will be kept busy finding the most comfy cushions.  We use a selction of Vetbed bedding (as used in vet clinics), mini duvets, wool blankets and fluffy cushions. 

Each cabin has electricity and heating.  Heating is on all day during the winter months (Oct - March). The heaters heat certain sleeping areas so that if your cat feels two warm they can move to another bed. 

Every cabin has a large cat flap which is kept open all the time (lots of cats don't know how to use cat flaps so we leave them tied open).  This leads to the large outdoor areas.

All cabins have their own unique garden area.  The ground is covered in artifical grass which cats love to scratch.  There are trees and shrubs growing around the gardens.  Each garden enclousure has numerous branches, ladders and platforms for the cats to explore, climb and jump. 

We firmly believe that having all day and night access to the outdoor is very important for cats.  They like to stretch and use their muscles.  They love going outside at night to the sights and sounds of the countryside here.  It's amazing but during the summer, all the cats are outside for the dawn corus at 5 or 6am!

We include Royal Canin dry food in the cost of boarding for all cats.  If you would like to bring pouches for your cat we will feed them as you would normally do at home.  If your cat is on a special diet or other food which you would like to keep them on for their stay just bring enough along with you.