Wicklow Kennels & Cattery

Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels
only 30 minutes from South Dublin
just off the N11
Tel: 087 1375155

Wicklow Kennels & Cattery

Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels only 30 minutes from South Dublin just off the N11 near The Tap Pub, Kilbride. Tel: 087 1375155


Frequently asked questions and top tips to ensure your pet has the most comfortable stay.

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Dogs and Kennels

  1. My female labrador puppy will be 7 months old when she comes for her holidays with you. I'm worried she may come into heat during this time. Will you still take her?

    Yes.  We do not keep any male dogs that have reached adulthood without them being neutered so it will not be a problem if your girl comes into heat.  A female coming into heat will not cause any problems to the other dogs and she will still be able to play with her friends here.  From our experience of breeding and showing dogs over the past decade we know that a female in heat needs a little extra love and affection as may feel more affectionate during this time.  If your female comes into heat while she is with us we will of course let you know. 

  2. I have never left my dog in kennels before, I think I will really miss him. Is it ok to ring to see how he is?

    Yes of course.  We know how hard it is to leave your pet when you are away.  Try not to worry, dogs adapt quickly and love the companionship of the other dogs during their free play.  However, we will let you know how your dog is settling in, this is especially important during your first time leaving him with us.  You can ring, text or email.  We put photos and videos on our busy Facebook page a few times each week.  So just 'like' Wicklow Kennels on Facebook and you will see all the updates.  Likewise, all updates will feed through to our Twitter page @WicklowKennels  Most peopel find that after leaving their dog the first time, and knowing they enjoyed themselves, the second time is much easier.

  3. My dog seems to be in bad form since I collected him yesterday

    Thats fine - your dog is probably just tired after his stay and misses his doggie play mates.  He probably got more excercise than he normally gets.  This, along with the company of the other dogs may ahve worn him out a bit.  Even though their is a long nap time each afternoon, some dogs are just too excited to sleep for long.  People occassionally call us to say their dog seems tired and a bit 'down' after their stay.  Give your dog a day to rest, he misses his doggy friends and will probably just like a day to rest.  We always say that you do not need to walk your dog the day you collect him from Wicklow Kennels & Cattery as he will have had lots of running around before he left.

  4. Can I come to visit my dog while she is there - I'll be staying in the local area?

    We understand why you would like to do this; you think your dog will miss you and might like a visit, or to be taken out for a walk and then returned.  However, we do not recomend this.  Your dog will be excited to see you when you arrive and will think she is going home.  Then if you take her out and return her a while later, she will be very confused.  If you just call in to see her and then leave, she also be confused as she will probably have expected to be going home.  Also, her daily routine and activities will be disrupted.  We will let you know how she is doing while she is here and there will be photos of her on our Facebook page Wicklow Kennels and also via our Twitter account @wicklowkennels

  5. I have a German Shepherd/Collie cross Puppy - Will you take him for boarding?

    No, sorry but we do not accept any dogs on the Restricted Dog list for boarding

    Control of Dog Regulations 1998

    Any dogs which are listed as a ‘Dangerous Dogs’ as per the Control of Dog Regulations 1998 are not permitted to board at Wicklow Kennels and Cattery.

    (1) American Pit Bull Terrier,

    (2) Bull Mastiff,

    (3) Doberman Pinscher,

     (4) English Bull Terrier,

     (5) German Shepherd (Alsatian),

     (6) Japanese Akita,

     (7) Japanese Tosa,

    (8) Rhodesian Ridgeback,

     (9) Rottweiler,

     (10) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    ......and any cross breed of the above list.



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Dog Feeding

  1. Can I bring my own food for my dog?

    Absolutely.  Lots of our boarders bring their own food.  However - we request that you do not bring your large food bag (unless your dog is coming for a long term stay).  Please measure out enough food for your dogs stay and put it in a strong plastic bag with his name clearly marked on the bag or put it into a plastic container. 

    Also - if your dog is on a certain amount of his food per day please include his/her measuring cup clearly marked showing how much they are to have each day

  2. Will I feed my dog before bringing her to the kennels?

    It is best not to.  It is an important bonding exercise for us and your dog - once we feed her she will feel more settled and secure here.  She will realise that she does not need to worry about being feed and it builds trust between her and us.

  3. Should I bring my dogs bowls? I think it might help him settle in

    No, we will not take your dogs bowls.  The thing that will help your dog settle on his first night is having something that smells of home - bowls, because they are washed, do not smell of home.  We use stainless steel bowls which are washed in a hot cycle of a dishwasher after each use so they are perfectly clean before being used to give your dog his dinner.  Your dog will be hungry after all his play time and I'm sure will be more concerned with whats IN the bowl than the bowl itself.

  4. I like to give my dog a small amount of wet dog food mixed in with her dry nuts. Can you do that too?

    Yes of course.  Many of the dogs staying would be on a mix of wet and dry food.  We like to feed your dog the same way you do at home - this helps her settle in more quickly.  We include Royal Canin dry food in the cost of boarding.  If you would like your dog to have some wet food - cans or pouches we ask that you supply this as changing a dog onto a different brand of wet food can disrupt their digestion. 

  5. Do you feed a good quality dry food at Wicklow Kennels?

    Yes, we include Royal Canin dry food in the cost of boarding. 

    If you would like us to order a bag of your regular Royal Canin food prior to your dogs arrival (at an excellant rate) thats no problem.

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Cats and Cattery

  1. Should I Bring My Cats Toys or Bedding?

    To help your cat settle in quickly we encourage owners to bring something with the scent of home, such as the cats blanket or a piece of clothing with your scent on it. All beds are supplied and fixed, so bringing your cats bed is not necessary, but please feel free to bring the cushion/inside section from your cat's bed.

  2. Can My Cat Play Outside Safely?

    Yes, each outdoor unit is designed to allow your cat to exercise by climbing and jumping over tree trunks and thick branches with log platforms.  Wire mesh to the front of the units mean cats have all day access to the outdoors in a safe environment.  Each outdoor area is sucured with two locks - one which must be opened with a key.  This is further secured by being surrounded by locked safety corridors ensuring your cats security during their stay.

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Cat Feeding

  1. Is food provided for my cat or should I bring my own?

    Dry food is included in the price of boarding for cats.  We feed only top quality Royal Canin dry food.  Dry food is left down all day for the cats.

    If your cat is on a different brand of dry food and you would like to keep them on it while they stay with us, thats no problem, just bring it with you.

  2. My cat only likes a certain brand of pouches, do you supply pouches?

    We feed all cats boarding with us Royal Canin dry cat food.  This is included in the price.  Due to the vast array of brands and flavours of pouches for cats we recommend that if your cat is on pouches, or canned food you should bring enough of their favorite flavour for their stay.

  3. My vet checked my cat's teeth when she was in for her vaccination. He recommended that I stop giving her wet food altogether - but I feel so guilty because I know she loves her pouches.

    You're guilt is valid - we all like to give our cats the food we think that they enjoy.  However, in our experience we know that moist food can often cause tooth decay due to the jelly or gravy coating sticking to your cats teeth.  Allowing us to help you make the transition to dry food only is a great idea.  Your cat will not be expecting its pouches or cans so will not find it so difficult.  We will feed your cat a very high quality dry food - Royal Canin, which will meet all its nutrional needs.  When you return home you can continue to use only dry food - your cats teeth will benefit from making the change.

  4. My cat is on a diet, is this a problem?

    not al all.  If your cat is on a weight reduction food just bring the food along with you.  We ask that you include a measuring cup or something that you have marked off exactly the amount of food your cat is to have each day.  We will then stick rigidly to this measurement.

  5. Do you feed a goodd quality dry food in the cattery?

    Yes, we include Royal Canin dry food in the cost of boarding you cat with us. 

    If you would like us to order a bag (at an excellant rate) of Royal Canin to take home, prior to your cats arrival , just let us know.

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Vaccinations & Medication

  1. What Vaccinations does my cat need before I can leave him/her with you?

    all cats must be fully vaccinated. Please bring your current vaccination certificates from your vet with you when you bring your cat for boarding. 

    Unfortunately cats without current certificates will not be allowed board under any circumstances.

  2. Does my Dog need to be vaccinated first?

    yes, all dogs must be fully vaccinated including the vaccine for Canine Cough (this is an intranasal spray). Vaccination certificate must be produced when dog arrives for boarding. The Canine Cough vaccine must have been given at least 3 days prior to date of arrival at kennels.  The Canine cough vaccine last for a year. 

  3. My pet is on 3 tablets a day, is that a problem?

    No thats fine.  When you are leaving your pet with us we will write down details of how you normally give them the tablets and at what times etc. -  eg in their food or in a treat etc.  However, we do charge a flat fee of €5 for the administration of medication.  This does not include adding a suppliment to food such as Athri-Aid etc.

  4. My dog is old and incontinent - will you take her for boarding?

    Sorry, but no.  In our experience it is not fair on an animal who is incontinent to be placed in kennels. 

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  1. I don't see directions to Wicklow Kennels & Cattery on the site, why not?

    Due to security we do not have directions on the website.  Directions will be emailed or texted to you when you have made an appointment to come for a viewing/bringing your pet for boarding.

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