Some Frequently Asked Questions about our Cattery

What do I need to bring for my cat’s stay?

We will need to see that your cat’s annual booster vaccinations or kitten vaccinations are complete and up to date, so please bring your vaccination card.  We will update your cat’s profile on our system and return the card to you.  We also encourage owners to bring something that smells of home, be it an old t-shirt or a blanket from your cat’s bed.  If they do not typically have items such as these, it is a good idea to put something into their bed about a week before they come.  The familiar smell will be a comfort and help them settle in. Finally, all cats must be brought in a secure pet carrier which will be used the bring your cat between the car and cattery.  We will store your carrier during your cat’s stay.  Many cats become ill or have accidents while travelling.  We will clean and disinfect your carrier before returning it, but we would recommend using newspaper in the carrier and not bedding because of this.  

What will be provided by the cattery?

You do not need to bring your cat’s bed as all our accommodation comes with several sleeping areas and igloos.  Royal Canin Exigent Savour Sensation for fussy eaters is included in all boarding options.  If you would like to bring your cat’s own food, that’s no problem.  Please be sure to provide enough food for your cat’s stay and let us know how much and how often.  If you are interested to switching your cat from wet food to dry, their visit is an ideal time to do it.  The dry food we use is so tasty that many cats choose it over their own even when presented with both. We have lots of toys on hand here, but if your cat has a favourite toy or teddy, please bring it along.  Finally, we will provide all bowls and trays needed for your cat’s stay.  All bowls are cleaned after each meal in a dishwasher.  Trays are scooped several times daily and changed regularly.

 My cat is older.  Can she/he be accommodated?

We have a number of spaces to suit older cats. These have lower sleeping areas, easy-to-manage ladders and adjustable heat lamps to ensure that your cat’s favourite sleeping area is warm and cosy.  Don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any other steps we can take to make your cat’s stay comfortable.

My cat is special medical needs and/or requires medication. Can this be managed by the cattery?

We have experience of a wide range of medical conditions and needs, so managing your cat’s needs will be no problem.  Please don’t hesitate to take the time to explain their needs and to detail how and when any medications are given.  We complete a medication guide for each cat requiring them, so you have a detailed record of their stay.  Rest assured that your cat’s comfort and health is utmost importance to us. 


Viewing is by appointment only

Please allow 30 mins for a viewing.

For a first stay we encourage owners to speak with us over the phone and arrange to come and view the accommodation.

We feel as cat owners that it is most important that owners feel satisfied before leaving their pets with us that they will be well cared for, given personal attention, shown kindness and leave here happy and content.

If you don’t have time to come for a viewing we have lots of photos/slideshows on our Youtube channel and our Facebook page which is updated with new photos and videos every 2-3 days.

Children are welcome to come for viewing (it is often the children who are most anxious about leaving their family pet).  Please ensure that children are supervised at all times. Children should try to be calm and quiet so as not to excite the current boarders.

Please be on time (neither late nor early as during our busy season we can often have three or four viewings booked one after another – each lasting 30 mins)

Please contact us to arrange a viewing; we like to have plenty of time to show you around.


  • All cats boarding must be fully vaccinated each year.
  • Current vaccination certificates must be produced when your cat arrives for boarding.
  • Unfortunately cats without current certificates will not be allowed board under any circumstances.