About our Kennels

Each dog staying with us has their own indoor fully tiled, heated cabin with its own large covered outdoor run.  

We only have a small number of kennels, allowing more personal attention and a quieter, calmer atmosphere.

These are arranged in a courtyard so that dogs can see what’s going on but do not have any nose to nose contact.

The kennels are all separated by another kennel or planting.

Our fully equipped kennels feature:


  • Insulated timber cabin, cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Fully tiled floor and part tiled walls (non slip floor tiles)
  • Wall mounted radiator (especially designed for kennels)
  • Large plastic beds for each guest
  • ‘Vetbed’ bedding for each guest (warm absorbent hygienic pet bedding as used in veterinary clinics)
  • Classical music playing
  • Chew bones and soft toys for each guest
  • Large sliding hatch leading to outdoor run
  • Large Covered outdoor Run
  • Smooth concrete floor
  • Runs allow access to the outdoors all day while dogs stay dry even in wet weather
Size of Kennels

Two sizes available:

  • Indoor cabin – 1.5m x 2m (5ft x 6.5ft)
  • Outdoor Run – 2m x3m (6.5ft x 10ft)
  • Ceiling over 6ft


  • Indoor Cabin – 2m x 2m (6.5ft x6.5ft)
  • Outdoor Run – 4m x 2m (10ft x 13.3ft)
  • Ceiling over 6ft

Each kennel can accommodate a number of dogs from the same family.

Guests have the use of the indoor and outdoor sections of their kennels all day.

Rates & Payment Options

We believe the fairest way of setting rates is by your dogs weight (we previously had small/medium/large categories)

We have a full size veterinary dog weighing scales here on site.  We weigh dogs on their first visit and keep a record of it. 

With all new canine visitors we advise you bring your dog for a trial period of 1 – 2 days before making a booking for a longer stay.  This will allow both you and us to see if your dog is suited to our kennels.

All boarding includes VAT at 23%

Normal Rates

Category weight:                           Rate:

0 > 6kg                    €17 (including €3.91 VAT)

6 > 14kg                  €18 (including €4.14 VAT)

14 > 22kg                €19 (including €4.37 VAT)

22 > 30kg                €20 (including €4.60 VAT)

30 >38kg                 €21 (including €4.83 VAT)

38kg +                      €22 (including €5.06 VAT)


Peak Season Rates

Category weight:                           Rate:

0 > 6kg                    €20 (including €4.60 VAT)

6 > 14kg                  €21 (including €4.83  VAT)

14 > 22kg                €22 (including €5.06 VAT)

22 > 30kg                €23 (including €5.29 VAT)

30 > 38kg                €24 (including €5.52 VAT)

38kg +                      €25 (including €5.75 VAT)


Two or more dogs sharing the same kennel:

To calculate the daily rate for two dogs sharing just add the cost of each dog together according to their weight category and deduct €4.  E.g. a Jack Russell (category 1) €17 sharing with a Cockerpoo (category 2) €18  = €35 deduct €4  = Daily rate of €31

For the daily rate of three or more dogs please contact us.

Payment  & Boarding Information

Payment is collected on pickup.

Cash, credit and debit cards accepted.

Peak Season rates:  Peak Season is June, July, August and Dec 18th – Jan 6th.

Sunday (6pm drop off) Price Reduction:

As the daily rate applies for the day your pet arrives it is best value to bring your pet at 10am instead of 6pm.  However we do not open on Sunday morning so there is no opportunity to drop off at 10am. Therefore, there will be a new half-price rate if you bring your pet at 6pm on Sunday.

Best Value Boarding:

Best Value boarding is to drop off at 10am so your dog has the whole day to socialise and settle in, then collect at 10am on their departure day as they will have two hours to play free of charge for that day.

Royal Canin Food:

As always we include Royal Canin dry food for all dogs boarding with us.

Some of our Happy Boarders

Our dog boarding is run on a supervised ‘free play’ model.  

During the morning dogs are allowed to mix and play together under supervision only.  Dogs mix with other dogs their own size and with similar exercise requirements.

The small dogs have their own lawn while big dogs have a separate large play area covered in synthetic grass.  Old or nervous dogs are kept in quieter areas and spend their excercise time pottering around with us while they settle in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more?

Click below to browse our FAQs on viewings, vaccinations and kennel routines.