FAQs About Boarding Your Dog

Some Frequently Asked Questions about boarding with us.


Drop off and collection times for the Kennels:

Monday – Saturday: 

Two drop off and collection times: 10am & 6pm


Evenings only – 6pm

Note: If you collect your pet in the morning at 10am on the day of collection there is no charge for that day.

When leaving your pet you will be asked to choose either a morning or evening collection time.  Our opening hours are strictly adhered to due to the busy schedules centred around our boarders routine


Viewing is by appointment only

Please allow 30 mins for a viewing.

For a first stay we encourage owners to speak with us over the phone and arrange to come and view the accommodation.

We feel, as dog owners, that it is most important that owners feel reassured before leaving their pets with us, that they will be well cared for, given personal attention, shown kindness and leave here happy and content.

We request that for dog boarding viewing, you bring your dog with you so that we can meet them and they us.

Your dog will not be brought into the kennel area during a viewing as this would excite our current boarders.  We will meet them at our reception and let them have a good sniff around. We will be in a position to judge how relaxed or nervous they may be.  It is also an opportunity for us to see what size your dog is if you are unsure whether they fit into our small, medium or large category.

Children are welcome to come for viewing (it is often the children who are most anxious about leaving their family pet).  Please ensure that children are supervised at all times. Children should try to be calm and quiet so as not to excite the current boarders.

Please be on time (neither late nor early as during our busy season we can often have three or four viewings booked one after another – each lasting 30 mins)

Please contact us to arrange a viewing; we like to have plenty of time to show you around.


  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated including Canine Cough vaccine before arriving for boarding.
  • Vaccination certificate must be produced when dog arrives for boarding.
  • The Canine Cough (Kennel cough) vaccine must have been given at least 3 days prior to date of arrival at kennels.
  • Unfortunately dogs without current certificates will not be allowed board under any circumstances.

Important Boarding Rules:

We do not accept:

  • Any unneutered male dogs over the age of 8 months
  • Any dogs on the restricted dog breeds list
  • Any dogs or cats that have serious health problems including incontinence
  • Any dog that, after a trial stay, we believe is not suited to the social free play model we use, are persistent barkers or overly destructive